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Ho'okipa means "hospitality" and it is the best windsurfing spot on the planet. This is where you'll find the best of the best. Ho'okipa also draws crowds on ordinary days because it has a bluff overlooking the sailors below. The pros know they are right in front of you so they really tear up the waves so they can score points with their sponsors. This is where windsurfing isn't just fun. It's full on, show off and show out. This is the pros' playground.

You can't find a place on the planet where more masts and board are ripped to pieces than in Ho'okipa. Just getting past the shore break can be a gruesome experience and wear down even veterans. If you can sail Ho'okipa on a mast high day you can't get much better but don't get cocky, rigging with the likes of Dunkerbeck and Naish will probably scare you.

The launch

This is where natural selection steps into the picture. Only a strong minded first-timer will have the patience and nerve to study the waves and get out there at the right time.


When sailing Ho'okipa you can be pretty sure you'll need all your skills. There is an uncomfortable current below you and often times the wind can be some what fluky. Looking from the shore you can tell there are five breaks: Lanes, H'poko, Green Tree, Middles and Pavillions. On big days they all become one . . .

Remember, Ho'okipa is an experts-only spot, so if you're not a pro or training to be one you shouldn't go there!